About This Website

Hey, people!

My name is Antony N. Ricks. This website is my blog. I hope you find it beneficial to your life, because that’s kinda my goal 😉

I want to help people develop powerful, authentic voices as communicators in life and work.

I plan to write about my life and work. And just a bit about that. I was born in 1978, logged onto the internet for the first time in 1996, and wrote my first blog in 2009 (it’s an academic blog…AKA boring to 99% of humanity). I started therhetor.com over a year ago, but haven’t done anything with it for a while. In Oct. 2015, I am starting it up again with the above stated goal. Since I have no real readership yet, if you start to follow my blog I ask that you please let me know! I am a writer, but a big goal of mine is to build an audience of people who share interests like mine.

Finally, I plan to call you to action. (You have been warned). I will regularly call my readers to take actions on insights – my insights, your insights, other people’s insights – insights that will help you and I be the best possible people we can be.

And that’s a bit about this blog, and me.


You can write to me at tony[at]therhetor.com